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One on one: assessment, instruction, coaching, and support


Option 1: Yes I want to do this!   4 session blocks with a set weekly appointment.  Cost is $180 payable at your first appointment.  (for example every Wednesday at 2 pm four weeks in a row)

The first appointment is a no charge assessment and begin learning.  45 min.

The next three appointments are for learning and practice.  45 min.

Option 2: I want to check this out!  Free 20 min consult.

Pair Coaching:  2 supportive people together.  1 session of 1 hour $29/person

(more options are available)


Don't live in Creston?  I am beginning remote coaching on zoom.  Contact me for more info.

Call or email or message on Facebook. You can also use the contact form here. We can discuss your needs and set up an appointment.

After a few sessions together we will decide your next steps.  Most people will need more than 4 sessions to see large improvements.  Small improvements start right away!

  • you can book another block of 4 sessions   maybe spaced a bit further apart.

  • book a 30 min practice session $25

  • practice on your own

  • join a small class

  • join the practice video subscription (email me) 

  • Purchese a practice deck to help you desgn your own routines. 

Small Classes

If  we both decide you are ready, you may want  to start attending a small group class.
lasses are by invitation and will be with a group of 4-6 people who are a similar level of practice as you are.  Sessions of 4 classes, once per week for $60. Currently scheduled Monday at 2, Tuesday at 5 and Thursdays at 5.  More class times to come.  A new session starts at the beginning of every month.  45 min of relaxation, learning, practice and laughs. 

Develop your own home practice.  

Once we've worked together for awhile and you want to develop your own practice this is for you.   30 min appointment- $25.

You practice, I coach and we refine your technique.  Quick, simple, maintenance.

What if I have done hypopressives before and want to join a class?  

We'll book one individual session to see where you are at and get you going again ready to join an appropriate class.  $35

Great websites for info and resources.

Cancellation policy:  You may cancel and reschedule with 24 hrs notice.  Please cancel if you don't feel well.  You get one free "I forgot" no show.  After that you will be charged for your appointment.  Thanks!

What to Expect

There is no internal exam!  You get to wear comfy clothes. 

With your permission I will: (remember consent can be removed at any point)

Touch you to assist with guiding your body into position and learning the breath and postures.

Take measurements and photos for assessment and to show progress. 

Teach you at your own pace and abilities. 

We will laugh and have fun. 

You will be encouraged and accepted just as you are. 

You will tell me if you are in pain, discomfort, or don’t understand what I am explaining. 

Everything is confidential. 

How to Prepare

Fill out the paperwork I emailed you and email it back or bring it with you.  

Arrange for child care (if required)  Attend your appointment solo.

Wear comfy clothes that you can move in. 

Wear a sports bra or a shirt that you can tuck up so that I can see your torso.  (preferable but optional)

Eat a couple of hours ahead of your appointment.

Use the washroom ahead of time.  (washrooms is available at the clinic)

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Payment by cash, cheque, (payable to Carmen Ditzler)
e-transfer, debit, credit card

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