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Release, breathe, pose, grow, repair, strengthen

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What is Hypopressives?

Watch a quick video

Hypopressives is a system of body positions, combined with breathing patterns, combined with a false breath or an apnea.  It requires effort and focus, but not exertion. (you won't get tired and sweaty the same as if you go for a run)  You wear comfortable clothes that you can move in.   Here is a quick video of me in a pose, breathing,  doing an apea at the end.  At Kootenay Hypopressive, you start by working one on one with Carmen and develop a manageable home practice.  There is also the potential to attend a small class to practice and learn with others at the same level.  (more info here)

How to Start


Book on the scheduler below or, call or email or message on Facebook. You can also use the contact form here. We can discuss your needs and hopefully set up an appointment.

At Kootenay Hypopressive, my approach is a cooperative effort on behalf of myself (Carmen) and you.  I commit to teaching with compassion, care and individual adaptation and you commit to practice, patience and persistence.  It is not hard, just new.


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The goal is yours! 

Lets work together.  

I want to garden again!

I want to be able to hike.

I want to stand straight.

I want to be free of pain.

I want to play with my grandkids. 

I want to be the boss of my bladder.

I want to go biking with my wife.

I want to have a long career as an artist.

I want to improve my athletic performance.  

I want to run again.

I want to keep up to my kids.

Live fully.

Be Aware:

Some conditions require adaptation or caution with hypopressives.  Please let me know if you have any of the following concerns or circumstances.
-Hypertension / pre-hypertension
-During pregnancy and immediate post-partum.
- Intestinal / gastric inflammations.
- Cardiovascular and coronary problems.
-  Psychiatric problems.
- Organ transplants.
- Recent surgical interventions.
- Any medical contraindication to physical activity.
- Prior to beginning this or any training program, consult your physician.

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