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" As an amateur athlete in my late 30's I didn't expect a diagnosis of a stage 2 prolapse. With Carmen's knowledge I'm confident I'm on the path to a full recovery as well as some serious gains in my athletic life. Posture awareness, correction and control through something as simple as breathing with intention. Who knew it could be so easy to make it all better?"  L.K.


"My approach to Hypopressive training is a cooperative effort on behalf of myself (Carmen) and you.  I commit to teaching with compassion, care and individual adaptation and you commit to practice, patience and persistence.  It is not hard, just new."

Carmen Ditzler- coach, instructor and owner at Kootenay Hypopressive.  Carmen has a lifelong fascination with human movement, learning and wellness.  She has a Bachelor of Physical Education (Kinesiology) in Adapted Physical Activity (adapting movement and activities for all people and abilities) and Outdoor/Environmental Education.  She also holds a Masters of Arts (Environmental Education and Lifestyles) both from the University of Alberta.

Carmen has been a teacher for as long as she can remember. She has brought her insatiable curiosity and passion for how people learn into her experiences teaching in various fields such as outdoor education, health, fibre arts, entrepreneurship, wilderness living skills, school curriculum, horticulture/farming as well as homeschooling her own children for seven years.


Her focus has now turned to Hypopressives and helping people live full active lives.  She most recently became certified in teaching Hypopressive Level 1 & 2 from Hypopressives Canada.  Clients and students refer to her as a funny, engaging, skilled and patient teacher. 



“Practicing Hypopressives for the last four years has been life changing for me. I regained strength in my core and pelvic floor, improved my posture, stopped snoring, lost weight, resolved issues of incontinence and frequent urge to pee.  Most importantly reversed the symptoms of prolapse.   I am able to live a full and active life once again and want others to experience the same freedom.” Carmen


Carmen Ditzler

Owner, Coach, Instructor

A Frame for a Face

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Perfect Client:

You are willing to learn, practice and change.

You have a prolapse or want to prevent one.

You don’t want to wear pads “just in case” or tolerate incontinence.

You had a baby and want to be strong and active

You want to become stronger with better posture

You want to breathe better

You want to sleep through the night and not plan your day around the bathroom.

You want to strengthen your core for back stability.

You've maybe been referred by a health practitioner

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